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Semiautomation of irrigated basins and borders: II. Dual-function turnout gates

Humpherys, A.S. (1995) Semiautomation of irrigated basins and borders: II. Dual-function turnout gates. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 11(1):75-82.

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Four types of dual-function gates were used to semiautomate basin and border irrigation systems. These gates
open to admit water to a field and then close to terminate irrigation. They were released or tripped by timers, electric
solenoids or a trip-cord gate release system. Gate descriptions and construction information are presented for (I) dual-panel
combination gates, (2) butterfly gates, (3) linear actuator-operated jack gate, and (4) pipe turnouts in unlined
ditches. The gates were field tested in different basin and border systems. An improved border system with combination
gates reduced irrigation time from five half-days to two, compared to the previous system which used siphon tubes. On a
manual basis, prior to completion of the control system, irrigation application efficiency was 68%. A battery-powered
linear actuator was an effective means of semiautomating a jack gate. A drop-closed gate on the inlet and a flexible drop-tube
on the outlet of a pipe turnout provided a low-cost means of semiautomating irrigation in unlined ditches.

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