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Water sensor feedback control system for surface irrigation

Humpherys, A.S. and Fisher, H.D. (1995) Water sensor feedback control system for surface irrigation. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 11(1):61-65.

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A water sensor feedback control system was developed to control semiautomatic irrigation of basins and
borders. When water reaches a sensor at a downfield irrigation cutoff point, a signal to terminate irrigation is sent via
wire or infrared (IR) telemetry to a station controller or receiver at the upper end of the field. The sensor uses a
monostable interface to strengthen the signal for wire transmission, and prevents continuous IR transmission during the
time the sensor is immersed or remains wet. The water sensor controller, powered by a 12-V battery, uses a silicon
controlled rectifier (SCR) triggered by the feedback signal to discharge a capacitor through an electric solenoid. The
energized solenoid actuates a gate release or valve to terminate irrigation of one field segment and begin irrigation of
another. The water sensor system was tested in a level basin irrigation system.
A sensor costs approximately U.S. $30, while single and dual station controllers cost about $65 to 80. Both can be
portable to minimize the number of units required.

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