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Comparison of Russet Burbank yield and quality under furrow and sprinkler irrigation

Trout, T.J. and Kincaid, D.C. and Westermann, D.T. (1994) Comparison of Russet Burbank yield and quality under furrow and sprinkler irrigation. American Potato Journal. 71:15-28.

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A survey of growers in the Treasure Valley of western Idaho/eastern
Oregon indicated that Russet Burbank potato tends to produce better
quality tubers under sprinkler irrigation than with furrow irrigation.
Irrigation plot studies were carried out over 3 years on 2 sites to determine
if these differences were a result of commonly-used management practices
or inherent in the irrigation method. With good water management, irrigation
method did not affect yields, but sprinkler irrigation produced
tubers with slightly better visual quality and much lower incidence of
sugar ends. The reasons for better quality with sprinkler-irrigation were
projected to include: 1) less water stress since sprinklers can more uniformly
apply the small, frequent irrigations that potato requires; 2) better
nitrogen management since furrow applications often leach nitrogen
from the root zone; and 3) lower soil temperatures due to sprinkler water
evaporative cooling.

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