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Controlling erosion and sediment loss from furrow-irrigated cropland

Carter, D.L. and Brockway, C.E. and Tanji, K.K. (1993) Controlling erosion and sediment loss from furrow-irrigated cropland. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering. 119(6):975-988.

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Irrigation-induced erosion and subsequent sediment loss is a serious
agricultural and environmental problem. Recent recognition of this problem has
stimulated the development and evaluation of erosion and sediment-loss-control
technology. Research results indicate that the application of the technology available
today can reduce sediment loss by 70-100%. Important practices include
irrigation-water management, sediment-retention basins, buried-pipe tailwater-control
systems, vegetative filter strips, tailwater-recovery systems, keeping crop residues
on the soil surface and in furrows, and implementing conservation tillage practices.

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