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Zone-subsoiling effects on potato yield and grade

Sojka, R.E. and Westermann, D.T. and Kincaid, D.C. and McCann, I.R. and Halderson, J.L. and Thornton, M. (1993) Zone-subsoiling effects on potato yield and grade. American Potato Journal. 70:475-484.

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Soil compaction and erosion are problems in many Pacific Northwestern
potato fields. We wanted to determine if zone-subsoiling would
reduce these problems and improve potato yields and or grade without
adversely impacting other production practices. Studies were conducted
in Southern Idaho at six locations over two years on different soils and with
different irrigation methods to assess the effects of zone-subsoiling immediately
after planting on tuber yield and grade. Reservoir-tillage comparisons
were made at three locations where sprinkler water application rates
were higher than soil infiltration rates. Russet Burbank was represented
by eight location-years and Russet Norkotah by two. Zone-subsoiling consistently
improved tuber grade or increased tuber size. The biggest improvement
was under furrow irrigation. Zone-subsoiling also tended to increase
total yield in eight of ten location-years. Reservoir-tillage improved yield
and grade, but zone-subsoiling did not without reservoir-tillage when water
application rates were high. At no location did zone-subsoiling significantly
decrease tuber grade or yield. Zone-subsoiling had no appreciable effects
on hill configuration or seed-piece dislocation. Surface cracking and "water
piping" occurred under furrow irrigation but were not significant problems.
Results were similar for both cultivars. Additional studies will be needed
to successfully incorporate zone-subsoiling into commercial production

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