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Flow velocity and wetted perimeter effects on furrow infiltration

Trout, T.J. (1992) Flow velocity and wetted perimeter effects on furrow infiltration. Transactions of the ASAE. 35(3):855-863.

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Infiltration theory and previous studies show that furrow
infiltration increases with wetted perimeter. This effect can
strongly influence water distribution along furrows.
Stagnant blocked-furrow measurements on Portneuf silt
loam soil supported this relationship. However, both
recirculating infiltrometer and field-scale measurements
showed no consistent infiltration:wetted perimeter
relationship. The infiltrometer data, collected using a wide
range of flow rates on a wide range of slopes, did show
infiltration inversely related to flow velocity. This
relationship results from the effect of flow on soil
aggregate breakdown, particle movement, and depositional
seal formation. Because both velocity and wetted perimeter
increase with flow rate, their opposing effects on
infiltration can result in little apparent effect when flow
rates change. These interactions strengthen the inverse
relationship between infiltration and furrow slope.

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