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BOOK REVIEW: "Agricultural salinity and management", K.K. Tanji, (Ed.)

Carter, David L. (1991) BOOK REVIEW: "Agricultural salinity and management", K.K. Tanji, (Ed.). Journal of Environmental Quality. 20(4):878.

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Salinity problems have challenged mankind for thousands
of years and likely caused the collapse of some early civilizations.
Today, salinity problems confront agriculture worldwide
in arid and semiarid regions, and in spite of the fact
that we know more than enough to prepare a book like this
one on the subject, these problems threaten the closing of
some irrigation districts. In a sense, minicivilizations that
are supported by irrigation districts with severe salinity problems
are threatened with collapse. Unfortunately, we learned
much of what we know too late. Water rights were allocated
and irrigation projects developed without sufficient attention
given to the quality and quantity of drainage water that
would result from the irrigation. New drainage water quality
problems continue to be recognized and identified. In addition,
nonagricultural needs for water are increasing, strong
arguments are being developed favoring the use of more
water for urban and wildlife use and less for irrigation, and
the competition for high quality water is critical. Salinity
problems could become more limiting as more water is used
for other purposes and less for irrigation. Many important
decisions lie ahead on this complex problem.

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