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Morphological, temporal, and nodal accumulation of nutrients by determinate soybean

Sadler, E.J. and Karlen, D.L. and Sojka, R.E. and Scott, H.D. (1991) Morphological, temporal, and nodal accumulation of nutrients by determinate soybean. Journal of Plant Nutrition. 14(8):775-807.

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Crop growth models that account for nutrient accumulation offer
insight into soil fertility and plant nutrition interactions. This understanding
provides opportunities to develop improved management practices. During the
1980s, several process-level growth models were developed for soybean [Glycine
max (I..) Merr.). Model validation and application to different locations and
weather require detailed, independent data sets. An extensive data set describing
the nutrient status of a determinate soybean ('Bragg') was collected in 1979 on
a Goldsboro (Aquic Paleudult) loamy sand near Florence, SC, USA. Because of
its importance to subsequent model development, we concluded that providing this
entire data set in a readily accessible form was a logical step in the course of this
experiment. We report here, in tabular form, mean and standard deviation data
for aerial accumulation of dry matter and eight nutrients (N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Mn,
Fe, and Zn) for 10 dates, for four plant components (stems, leaves, petioles,
pods, and total), and for each node (and whole plant). We will provide, upon
arrangement, these same data on diskette for use in simulation models or other

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