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Surface seal influence on surge flow furrow infiltration

Trout, T.J. (1990) Surface seal influence on surge flow furrow infiltration. Transaction of the ASAE. 33(5):1583-1589.

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The interactive influence of furrow surface seal
formation and surge irrigation (intermittent flow) on furrow
infiltration into a Portneuf silt loam soil was measured with
a recirculating infiltrometer. When the formation of a
surface seal was prevented by a layer of cheesecloth laid on
the furrow perimeter, flow interruption increased furrow
bed bulk density by 100 kg/m3 and decreased infiltration
by 25% compared to constant flow. However, on this
highly erodible soil, the surface seal which formed on an
unprotected perimeter during irrigation reduced infiltration
rates by over 50% compared to furrows with a cheesecloth
layer. Flow interruption did not increase soil consolidation
or decrease infiltration when the normal seal was allowed
to form. On the tested soil, surface sealing overshadows the
effects of flow interruption on infiltration.

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Subjects: Irrigation > Furrow irrigation > Infiltration
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