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Subsoiling for sunflower production in the Southeast Coastal Plains

Sojka, R.E. and Busscher, W.J. and Gooden, D.T. and Morrison, W.H. (1990) Subsoiling for sunflower production in the Southeast Coastal Plains. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 54:1107-1112.

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Crops grown on the Paleudult soils of the South Atlantic Coastal
Plain often benefit from disruption of root-restrictive subsoil layers.
In this physiographic area, the response of sunflower (Helianthus
annum L) to subsoiling was unknown. We hypothesized that in-row
subsoiling would benefit sunflower performance, and that plant performance
could be related to profile penetration-resistance patterns.
Sunflower was grown on Norfolk loamy sand in Florence, SC, and
on Orangeburg loamy sand (both fine-loamy, siliceous, thermic
Typic Paleudults) in Blackville, SC, in 1985 and in Blackville only
in 1987. Plots were either subsoiled using 0.45-m shanks or not
subsoiled. Distribution (and, in most instances, magnitude) of cone
indices were significantly different for subsoiled and nonsubsoiled
profiles. Accumulation frequency of low cone indices was greater for
Florence and Blackville in 1985 but not for Blackville in 1987. For
subsoiled treatments, lower cone indices below planted rows persisted
to late summer in 1985 at both locations, which favored plant
growth. Reduction of soil profile strength produced increased seed
yield, oil concentration, oil yield, and seed size in these cases. In
1987, accumulation frequency of soil strength was similar for non-subsoiled
and subsoiled plots shortly after tillage. In this case, plant
parameters were not statistically improved with subsoiling. No tillage
X N-rate, hybrid X tillage, or hybrid X N-rate interactions
were observed. If low-cone-index isopleths persist throughout the
season, then a positive response to subsoiling can be expected.

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