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Silicon in C-3 grasses: Effects on forage quality and sheep preference

Shewmaker, Glenn E. and Mayland, H.F. and Rosenau, R.C. and Asay, K.H. (1989) Silicon in C-3 grasses: Effects on forage quality and sheep preference. Journal of Range Management. 42(2):122-127.

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Silicon in forage reduces dry matter digestibility and may reduce
grazing preference. Two studies were conducted with the following
objectives: (1) to evaluate a method of determining grazing preference,
and (2) to characterize the distribution and solubility of
silicon in 31 accessions of C-3 grasses and relate these traits to
grazing preference and estimated forage digestibility. Forage samples
were clipped at the beginning of each 7 to 10-day grazing
period corresponding to 6 phenological stages of the Agropyron
sp. Samples were washed and analyzed for acid detergent fiber
(ADF), neutral detergent fiber (NDF), and silicon in ADF and
NDF residues. Leaf silicon concentrations increased from the
vegetative to seed-ripe stage. Genera were aligned into 3 groups
based on the increase in leaf silicon concentration with advancing
phenological age. Silicon concentrations in leaves of Agropyron,
Pseudoroegneria, and Thinopyrum increased at nearly twice the
rate of those in Critesion, Hordeum, Leymus, and Psathyrostachys.
Elymus leaves contained higher concentrations of silicon at the
vegetative stage than the other groups, but the accumulation rate
was intermediate. About 32% of total leaf silicon remained in NDF
and 76% in ADF residues at the vegetative stage. These insoluble
portions of silicon increased with aging. Preference was positively
related to estimated dry matter digestibility at boot and anthesis,
but was not related to fiber or silicon measurements. Leaf harshness
was negatively related to preference at seed-ripe stage. Further
progress in characterizing the role of silicon in C-3 forage grasses
should be possible by studying a representative species from each

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