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Nitrogen fertilizer efficiencies on potatoes

Westermann, Dale T. and Kleinkopf, G.E. and Porter, Lynn K. (1988) Nitrogen fertilizer efficiencies on potatoes. American Potato Journal. 65:377-386.

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Nitrogen fertilizer efficiencies must be known to successfully apply N
fertilizer according to crop growth needs. The objective of this study was to
determine the recovery, partitioning, and translocation of N fertilizer applied
at different times for potato production. Russet Burbank potatoes were
fertilized preplant with 15N-depleted ammonium sulfate, and during early
and late tuber growth with urea containing K15NO3 in 1978 or (15NH2)2CO
in 1980. All N applications increased tuber yields above the control treatments.
The N recovery efficiency was 60% for the preplant N application, and over
80% and near 60% for the N applications during tuber growth in 1978 and
1980, respectively. Good agreement was found between the isotope and
difference methods of determining N recovery efficiencies. Labeled N was
initially concentrated in the stems and leaves, particularly if applied during
tuber growth. Over 80% of the assimilated, labeled nitrogen was found in
the tubers at the start of plant maturation. These data indicate that a
significant improvement in N fertilizer efficiency would result from split N
fertilizer applications made according to crop growth needs.

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