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Sediment, erosion and water intake in furrows

Brown, M.J. and Kemper, W.D. and Trout, T.J. and Humpherys, A.S. (1988) Sediment, erosion and water intake in furrows. Irrigation Science. 9:45-55.

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Observations and studies were conducted on the origin and destination
of sediment in irrigation water, and the effects of sediment adsorbed on the
wetted perimeter of furrows on water intake and erosion. Fine sediment
adsorbed on the perimeter reduced intake and increased soil water tension
which was the primary mechanism holding the sediment on the perimeter. This
self enhancing effect causes this thin seal to decrease erosion and intake rates.
In contrast, removal of a few square centimeters of this seal by chance events
after water velocities and shear forces have increased often causes reduced
tensions, exfoliation of the surface seal and erosion pits which develop into head

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