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Plastic Casings for Soil Cores

Bondurant, J.A. and Worstell, R.V. and Brockway, C.E. (1969) Plastic Casings for Soil Cores. Soil Science. 107(1):70-71.

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Soil core samples with substantially undisturbed
structure are often taken for laboratory
evaluation of physical properties, particularly
hydraulic conductivity. Most samplers for obtaining
undisturbed samples use either a solid
metal liner or a split metal liner to hold the
sample. Cores taken in solid liners are trimmed,
capped and left in the liner for transportation
and testing. Samples taken in split liners are
usually removed from the liner, trimmed and
cased by painting with paraffin or plastic
cement. Undisturbed soil cores require gentle
handling to prevent breakage during sampling,
trimming, packing, shipping and conducting
laboratory tests. Core samples in solid liners
can develop flow paths between the liner and
the core, especially when making hydraulic conductivity
measurements. Such flow paths may
develop without being detected and will result
in erroneous conductivity values. Samples that
have been cased with paraffin or fluid plastic
are not as subject to developing flow paths between
the core and the easing, but the casing
material fills some of the pore space, thus
creating an indeterminate cross-sectional area.

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