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Pressure Sensor Configurations for Open Channel Flow Recorders

Trout, Thomas (1986) Pressure Sensor Configurations for Open Channel Flow Recorders. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 2(2):129-132.

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PRESSURE transducers can be used to sense water
depths in open channel flow measurement devices.
In the low pressure range, the water-air interface must be
eliminated by purging air from the system or the
interface must be carefully controlled. Submersible
transducers can be fitted with an air vent tube to allow
automatic air purging. A portable bubbler system, which
maintains the interface at the pressure tap, can be made
from a propane filled bottle, a pressure regulator, and a
snubber fitting. A pressure cell with a large air-water
interface-to-air volume can transmit water pressure to a
sensor through a trapped air volume with minimal
reference elevation fluctuation.

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