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Orifice Plates for Furrow Flow Measurement: Part I - Calibration

Trout, Thomas J. (1986) Orifice Plates for Furrow Flow Measurement: Part I - Calibration. Transaction of the ASAE. 29(1):103-106.

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ORIFICES, due to their discharge sensitivity to
head, are potentially the most accurate open
channel flow measurement device and consequently, the
best device for determining furrow infiltration rates by
the inflow-outflow method. Laboratory calibration
determined that orifices under submerged flow
conditions are insensitive to boundaries as close as one-half
diameter from an edge, allowing practical field use
of multi-holed orifice plates in furrows. Submerged flow
discharge coefficient for square-edged orifices with the
plate thickness less than one-third of the diameter is
0.625. Free flow coefficients vary both with orifice size
and head.

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