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Sampling Ports for an Instrumented Lysimeter System

Robbins, C.W. (1985) Sampling Ports for an Instrumented Lysimeter System. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 49(6):1586-1587.

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An improved method for mounting ceramic-moisture sampling cups
and soil-atmosphere sampling tubes in lysimeters is described. The
0.31-m diam by 1.18-m deep lysimeters were constructed from low
pressure polyvinyl chloride irrigation pipe (PVC) and contained soil
1.0-m deep. Tensiometer tubes with attached cups, and open-ended
pyrex gas sampling tubes were installed at three depths, using sealing
ports in the lysimeter walls. The sealing ports were constructed
from half of a PVC pipe compression coupler. This system allows
for inserting the sampling cups and tubes after the soil has been
added and settled. The sampling equipment can also be removed
before the soil is sampled and removed when studies are completed.
Individual sampling units can also be removed for cleaning or repair
during the study without disrupting lysimeter operation. This was
not possible with earlier described lysimeter systems.

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