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Discussion: Rectangular Cutthroat Flow Measuring Flumes

Robinson, A.R. (1968) Discussion: Rectangular Cutthroat Flow Measuring Flumes. Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Journal of the Irrigation and Drainage Division. 94(IR4):529-530.

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The authors have presented a new design
for flow measuring flumes. The flumes have a rectangular section and
flat bottom, and do not have a throat section such as is provided for conventional measuring flumes. The unique feature of this design is the standard
sidewall sections, which are used for all flumes ranging from 1 ft to 6 ft in
throat width. In other words, the same design and length of converging and
diverging sections are used for all throat widths. The authors state that "the
use of a consistent geometric shape allows accurate predictions of discharge
ratings for intermediate flume sizes." In addition to the rectangular flumes
presented in this paper, the authors also have designed and calibrated trapezoidal
cutthroat flumes, that do not have a throat section. The simplicity of
the flumes is obvious and, from the information presented by the authors, it
appears that they have many desirable features. The extent of field experience
with the device is not given. It is assumed that the authors have had experience
other than the laboratory calibrations in order to observe any
particular field problems which are not apparent under laboratory conditions.

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