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Nitrogen Requirements of Potatoes

Westermann, D.T. and Kleinkopf, G.E. (1985) Nitrogen Requirements of Potatoes. Agronomy Journal. 77:616-621.

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Nitrogen fertilizer applications, for maximum fertilizer efficiencies
and crop yields, should be based on the N required by the crop during
its various growth stages. The objectives of this paper were to identify
the N requirements of the potato plant (Solanum tuberosum L.) during
growth and to evaluate selected soil and plant tissue tests as
indicators of the plant's N status. Growth analysis data and soil and
petiole NO3-N concentrations were obtained at predetermined time
intervals from N fertilization treatments in replicated field studies
on a coarse-silty mixed, mesic Durixerollic Calciorthrid soil. Maximum
early tuber growth occurred when leaf area index was between
2.5 and 3.2 and the tops contained between 79 and 100 kg N ha-1
at the start of linear tuber growth. A preplant N fertilizer application
between 67 and 134 kg ha-1 gave these characteristics under the
experimental conditions. The maximum dry matter production rate
per day (approx. 250 kg ha-1) occurred when there was between 80
and 140 kg N ha-1 in the plant tops and roots. An average tuber
growth rate of 0.75 Mg ha-1 day-1 required a N uptake rate of 3.7
kg ha-1 day-1 to prevent the loss of N and dry matter from the tops
and roots. Sufficient N was available for this rate when the soil NO3-N
concentration was > 7.5 mg kg-1 (0.46-m soil depth), corresponding
to 15 000 mg kg-1 NO3-N in the fourth petiole. Soil and petiole
NO3-N concentrations may be used to adjust the N fertilization rates
during the growing season. This practice has the potential of increasing
the overall N fertilizer use efficiency and final tuber yields
within the climatic, disease, and variety limitations.

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