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Fertilizing Agricultural Land with Rainbow Trout Manure for Growing Silage Corn

Smith, J.H. (1985) Fertilizing Agricultural Land with Rainbow Trout Manure for Growing Silage Corn. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 49(1):131-134.

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Field plots on a Portneuf silt loam (mesic, Durixerollic Calciothids)
were fertilized with fish manure at 0, 200, 500, or 800 kg N/
ha or NH4NO3 at 0,100, 200, and 300 kg N/ha for one, two, or
three years and planted to corn (Zea mays L.) for four consecutive
years. Corn silage yields up to 24 Mg/ha (dry weight) were obtained
the first season in 1979 with no significant differences because of
the high residual fertility. Highly significant yield increases were
obtained the second, third, and fourth season from manure or
NH4NO3. The yields were somewhat lower than those obtained the
first season. In four years of cropping to corn with manure applied
for the first three crops, N recovery for the manure treatments was
18, 28, and 24% of applied manure N for the 200,500, and 800 kg
N/ha applications for three years. In comparison treatments using
NH4NO3, N recovery was 90, 59, and 57% for the NO, 200, and
300 kg N/ha treatments. The manure applications at 500 kg N/ha
provided enough N for high corn silage yields and were about equal
to the yields obtained with 200 kg N/ha as NH4NO3. Residual N
fertility from the manure was greater than from NH4NO3.

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