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Electronic Clocks for Timing Irrigation Advance

Humpherys, A.S. and Wilson, M.D. and Trout, T.J. (1985) Electronic Clocks for Timing Irrigation Advance. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering. 111(1):94-98.

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One of the basic parameters affecting surface irrigation performance
is the rate of water advance in a furrow, basin or border. Rate-of-advance
varies with the soil infiltration rate which, in turn, varies both
within a given field and with time throughout the irrigation season.
Mathematical models can predict rate-of-advance; however, they depend
upon a knowledge of the actual field soil infiltration rate which is
difficult to accurately measure or predict. Thus, rate-of-advance field data
are needed to supplement model predictions and to calibrate the models.
Recently, many rate-of-advance studies have been conducted to determine
the effect of surge flow on the soil's intake rate and the water
advance rate. Water applied intermittently advances to the end of the
furrow in less application time for most soils than when applied in continuous

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