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Photosynthesis and Environmental Stress Interactions Sugarbeet Leaves

Cary, J.W. (1983) Photosynthesis and Environmental Stress Interactions Sugarbeet Leaves. Journal of the American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists. 22(2):170-181.

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One of the greatest needs in both research and practical
crop production is a method for measuring instantaneous
plant growth. If we could go out in the field and
make simple rapid measurements of plant growth rates, the
application and benefits would be immediate and far
reaching. The instantaneous growth rate is characterized
by the carbon balance of a plant or crop. Some years ago
Terry (9) and some of his associates made detailed studies
of CO₂ exchange parameters of beet leaves effected by nutrient
deficiencies. Under carefully controlled conditions
he found changes that developed in the very early
stages of nutrient stress. Following this lead I attempted
to make a practical application on sugarbeets
(Beta vulgaris L.) growing under real field conditions
(1). The objective was not accomplished because variation
in CO₂ exchange was greater from leaf to leaf than the
changes brought on by the initiation of stress.
The data and results reported here come from additional
studies using field-grown sugarbeet leaves. The
objective was to pinpoint the fundamental differences in
the leaves that lead to the large variability in CO₂
assimilation from leaf to leaf.

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