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Kinematic-Wave Furrow Irrigation Model

Walker, Wynn R. and Humpherys, Allan S. (1983) Kinematic-Wave Furrow Irrigation Model. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering. 109(4):377-392.

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A kinematic-wave model of furrow irrigation under both continuous
and surged flow management was developed and verified. Numerical solution
of the differential continuity equation is accomplished with a Eulerian
first-order integration coupled with the assumption that flow rate and flow area
are uniquely related by the Manning uniform flow equation. Field data from
three Colorado sites, a Utah site, and an Idaho site were used to verify the
model's continuous flow simulation of advance and recession. The sites represented
a wide range of soil types, field slopes and lengths, and duration of
the irrigation event. Companion data from the Utah and Idaho sites were used
to verify the model's analysis of surge flow conditions.

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