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Weather Station Siting and Consumptive Use Estimates

Allen, Richard G. and Brockway, Charles E. and Wright, James L. (1983) Weather Station Siting and Consumptive Use Estimates. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management. 109(2):134-146.

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The environment of a weather station site is important in estimating
consumptive use by irrigated crops. Consumptive use may be overestimated
when air temperature and vapor pressure data from a weather station
with an arid local environment are used without modification. To document
the effect of weather station aridity on consumptive use estimates, three sites
in irrigated areas and two sites in nonirrigated, arid rangeland in southern Idaho
were instrumented with weather stations during 1981. Air temperatures were
higher and vapor pressures were lower at the arid sites. Use of air temperatures
and dewpoint estimates from arid sites caused an overestimation of ET, by 17%
(210 mm) over the irrigation season. Results indicate the importance of weather
site evaluation and adjustment of siting effects and weather before consumptive
use estimates are made. A procedure is outlined for adjusting historical temperature
data to reflect an irrigated condition.

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