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Remote Sensing for Estimated Soil Salinity

Myers, V.I. and Carter, D.L. and Rippert, W.J. (1966) Remote Sensing for Estimated Soil Salinity. Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Journal of the Irrigation and Drainage Division. 92(IR4):59-68.

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Many soils in arid areas of the world are affected by high water tables
and resultant soil salinity. Detection of the saline areas and of the degree of
salinity in the rooting profile is of considerable interest to agricultural
workers involved in reclamation of these soils. Early detection of saline
areas may permit preventive measures before significant crop damage is
apparent. Furthermore, rapid detection of saline areas, using advanced
methods and procedures can greatly accelerate initiation of reclamation

Aerial photography has been used for detailed study of forest vegetations
and for many other purposes. Recently, Myers, Ussery, and Rippert used
black and white infrared aerial photography for detection of drainage and
salinity problems.

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