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Sprinkler Pattern Radius

Kincaid, Dennis C. (1982) Sprinkler Pattern Radius. Transaction of the ASAE. 25(6):1668-1672.

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A mathematical relationship describing the combined
effects of nozzle size, pressure and nozzle discharge
on sprinkler pattern radius was proposed and evaluated.
The nozzle jet momentum flux was found to be a significant
factor in determining pattern radius. A power function
is used to relate the momentum parameter to pattern
radius. The relationship was evaluated by the use of
manufacturers' catalog data and laboratory pattern test
data collected at Kimberly, ID. The relationship can be
used in computer simulation of sprinkler systems to predict
variations in pattern radius with pressure variations
due to topography and/or friction losses. The method
can also be used to compare the performance of different
sprinklers or nozzles and to determine the effect of
variables such as nozzle height or jet angle on pattern

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Subjects: Irrigation > Sprinkler irrigation
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