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Measurement of Intake Rate for Sprinkler Irrigation Design (Gen. Ed.)

Tovey, Rhys and Pair, C.H. (1966) Measurement of Intake Rate for Sprinkler Irrigation Design (Gen. Ed.). Transaction of the ASAE. 9(3):359-363.

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THE water-intake rate for a soil has
to be estimated or measured by the
engineer for design of any sprinkler
irrigation system. In the past this estimate
was usually made by the engineer
based on his previous experience. It is
now possible to measure the intake
rate of water into soil under sprinkler-irrigation
conditions using equipment
developed by Tovey (1)* and a method
developed by Tovey and Pair (2).
The intake rate obtained using this
method is the maximum that should be
used if the sprinkler-design criterion of
bringing the soil profile in the root
zone of the crop to field capacity without
runoff is met. This rate will be
referred to in this paper as the "maximum
sprinkler-design intake rate."
Measurements of maximum sprinkler-design
intake rates were made on
several farms in southern Idaho having
uniform soils and various crops growing
on these soils. Considerable variation
in measured maximum sprinkler-design
intake rates on the same soil
type in various crops on each farm was

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