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Shrub Responses After Fire in an Idaho Ponderosa Pine Community

Merrill, E.H. and Mayland, H.F. and Peek, J.M. (1982) Shrub Responses After Fire in an Idaho Ponderosa Pine Community. Journal of Wildlife Management. 46(2):496-502.

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Buring at 10-15-year intervals has been
recommended in the warm, grand fir
(Abies grandis)-myrtle pachistima (Pachistima
Lochsa River of northern Idaho (Leege
1979). Spring and autumn burning generally
promote sprouting of most shrub
species in this community and produce
valuable browse (Leege and Hickey
1971, Wright 1978). Fire is also a valuable
tool in shrub and timber management
in the more xeric ponderosa pine
(Pinus ponderosa)-common snowberry
(Symphoricarpos albus) communities
(Davis et al. 1980). Effects of fire on production
and mineral content of shrubs in
this community have not been documented.

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