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Root and Sucrose Yields of Sugarbeets as Affected by Mid-to-Late-Season Water Stress

Carter, J.N. and Traveller, D.J. and Rosenau, R.C. (1980) Root and Sucrose Yields of Sugarbeets as Affected by Mid-to-Late-Season Water Stress. Journal of the American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists. 20(6):583-596.

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Investigations of the irrigation water requirement of sugarbeets
(Beta vulgaris L.) in Arizona and California have shown
that water stress several weeks before harvest of fall-planted beets
reduces root yields but increases sucrose concentration (2,3).
Their studies showed that, since soil and plant water stress late
in the season did not significantly reduce sucrose production,
irrigations could be discontinued 3 to 4 weeks before harvest for
maximum water economy. Mid- to late-season water deficit studies
on spring-planted sugarbeets at this Center in 1977 and 1978
clearly showed that sucrose yield was reduced very little in this
area, if at all, if irrigations were discontinued after the soil
profile was filled with water about 1 August or 10 to 12 weeks
before harvest, on soil having a useable soil water reservoir of
at least 200 mm (1) . However, if no rainfall occurs, a light
irrigation about 1 month after water cutoff may be advantageous.
The major difference between these two areas (Arizona-California
and Idaho) is that in Arizona and California, potential evapotranspiration
rates are higher and increasing when fall-planted
beets are harvested; whereas in Idaho, potential rates are lower
and decreasing when spring-planted beets are harvested. Allowing
mid- to late-season water stress to develop in the Idaho area
reduces irrigation water requirements by about 30% during August,
September, and October when irrigation water and hydro-electric
power for pumping are in shortest supply. Other recent investigations
also show the drought tolerance of sugarbeets throughout
the growing season ( 8, 11).

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