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Grazing Cow and Calf Responses to Zinc Supplementation

Mayland, H.F. and Rosenau, R.C. and Florence, A.R. (1980) Grazing Cow and Calf Responses to Zinc Supplementation. Journal of Animal Science. 51(4):966-974.

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This experiment evaluated weight gain
responses to supplemental Zn by cows and
calves grazing forage containing Less than 20
ppm Zn. One hundred cow-calf pairs in each of
2 years and 120 pairs in a third year were
pastured together over a 63- to 77-day preliminary
period during which cows were exposed to
bulls. Each experimental period began in
mid-June after bulls were removed and continued
for 125 to 154 days. During this period,
cattle grazed mature dry forage containing <20
ppm Zn and were fed protein supplements with
or without added Zn. Estimated Zn intake by
each cow-calf pair in the control group ranged
from about 140 to 260 mg/pair/day. Daily Zn
intake was supplied by forage (100 to 200 mg),
basal supplement (32 to 57 mg), water (4 mg),
iodized block salt (1 mg) and soil (1 mg). Each
cow-calf pair fed the supplement with added Zn
received an additional 860 to 900 mg Zn/day.
Calves fed Zn gained 6% more (P<.05) weight
(.04 kg/day) than did calves in the control
group. Weight gains by cows did not differ
(P<.05) between the two groups. Clinical signs
of Zn deficiency were not observed in any
animals. Conception, which occurred before the
experimental period, and subsequent calving
rates were not affected by Zn supplementation.

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