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Soil Heat Transducers and Water Vapor Flow

Cary, J.W. (1979) Soil Heat Transducers and Water Vapor Flow. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 43(5):835-839. September 1979.

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The heat flow through a silt loam, silty clay, and loamy
sand were measured in a calorimeter at 7 and 36°C under matrix
potentials near -0.3 bars. The transient thermal conductivity
probe, the heat flux transducer, and deVries's theoretical method
all gave low values of the apparent thermal conductivity at
36°C. An empirical correction was proposed for deVries's
method that improved its agreement with the observed conductivities.
The thermal vapor diffusion coefficients for the
three soils were then calculated from his equation and compared
with experimental values from the calorimeter. It was
also shown that the thermal water vapor flow can be estimated
if one knows the soil's saturated thermal conductivity, quart/
content, water content, bulk density and temperature distribution.

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