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An Instrumented Lysimeter System for Monitoring Salt and Water Movement

Robbins, C.W. and Willardson, L.S. (1980) An Instrumented Lysimeter System for Monitoring Salt and Water Movement. Transaction of the ASAE. 23(1):109-111.

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A lysimeter system is described which consists of four
continuously weighing lysimeters mounted on a portable
platform. The lysimeters, made from low pressure
PVC irrigation pipe (1.18 m deep by 0.31 m dia), are
placed on a hydraulic weighing system that consists of
either a water-filled rubber pillow or an automotive innertube
connected to a water column. The sensitivity of
the weighing system is 0.1 kg or an equivalent water
depth of 1.4 mm. One bar ceramic cups, placed in the
center of the lysimeters at 0.25, 0.50 and 0.75 m from the
soil surface, are connected to the outside for soil solution
sampling. Eight small bolts symmetrically located
around the lysimeter at the same depths as the ceramic
cups, serve as "four probe" contacts for electrical conductivity
measurements. The cost of each set of four
lysimeters in 1978 was about $400.

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