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Nutritional requirements of potatoes

Westermann, D.T. (2005) Nutritional requirements of potatoes. American Journal of Potato Research. 82:301-307.

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Plant nutrition is the practice of providing to the
plant the right nutrient, in the right amount, in the right
place, at the right time. This paper gives an overview of
the roles that each of the 16 essential nutrients have in
plant nutrition, their relative mobility as related to deficiency
symptom expression, and what is generally
known about nutrient responses to field applications on
potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.) in the USA and
Canada. Maintaining high crop yields with minimum
nutrient losses to the environment is and will continue
to be a significant challenge to the potato producer.
Additional nutritional research efforts in genetically
modified plants, precision agriculture, food quality and
safety, fertilizer impurities, and other management concerns
should significantly help the producer in this

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