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The influence of manure phytic acid on phosphorus solubility in calcareous soils

Leytem, A.B. and Smith, D.R. and Applegate, T.J. and Thacker, P.A. (2006) The influence of manure phytic acid on phosphorus solubility in calcareous soils. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 70(5):1629-1638.

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Manure characteristics can influence the potential for P transfer in
runoff following land application of manures. This research assessed
the influence of manure characteristics on P solubility in calcareous
soils using manures from poultry (Gallus Domisticus) fed a variety
of grain-based diets with the manures containing a range of total P
(5.6-16.4 g P kg-1), water-extractable P (WEP, 0.9-4.7 g P kg -1),
phytic acid P (0.1-7.6), total N/P ratios (2.6-5.1), and total C/P ratios
(19.5-75.7). In addition, mono-ammonium phosphate fertilizer and
reagent grade inositol hexaphosphate (phytic acid [PA]), were included,
as well as a control treatment with no P additions. Treatments
were incorporated into two soils (Portneuf [Coarse-silty, mixed,
superactive, mesic Durinodic Xeric Haplocalcids] and Millville
[Coarse-silty, carbonatic, mesic Typic Haploxerolls]) at three rates
(10, 20, and 40 mg P kg -1) and incubated for a total of 18 wk with
subsamples taken at 2, 5, 9, and 18 wk. Soil samples were analyzed for
inorganic and organic NaHCO3 (Olsen) extractable P and select soils
were analyzed at 0 and 12 wk by 31P nuclear magnetic resonance
spectroscopy (NMR) for soil P characterization. The percentage of
WEP and PA (of total P) in the manures were linearly related (r 2 =
0.94). Increases in Olsen P over time were positively related to the
percentage of monoester P in the treatments. At 2 wk, there was a
strong negative correlation between the amount of PA added in the
treatments and increases in Olsen P. However, by 18 wk, Olsen P was
more closely related to the amount of C or N added with the treatments.
Changes in PA content of manures due to dietary modification may
influence P sorption on calcareous soils in the short-term while other
characteristics such as C/P ratio may exert a stronger influence over
changes in soil test P over longer time periods.

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