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Controlling Sediment in Surface Runoff

Humpherys, A.S. (1977) Controlling Sediment in Surface Runoff. Irrigation Age. 12(1):p. 22,24.

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irrigators are sometimes criticized for
contaminating downstream waters
with sediment, nutrients and pesticides
contained in surface runoff from
irrigation. Research studies have
shown that the concentrations of
dissolved fertilizer nutrients, pesticides
and salts in surface runoff are
essentially the same as those in the
applied irrigation water. Thus, water
passing over the soil surface does not
usually pick up additional amounts of
these materials.

Significant increases in nutrient or
pesticide concentration do occur when
these materials are applied by adding
them to the irrigation water or when
the material falls into the water from
spray applications or washed from the
plants by rain. When fertigation and
herbigation are practiced, runoff water
should be retained in a reuse pond and
not allowed to leave the farm or flow
into natural streams.

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