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Convenient Estimation of Soil Organic-N Using the Udy Dye System

Massee, T.W. (1975) Convenient Estimation of Soil Organic-N Using the Udy Dye System. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis. 6(2):195-203.

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A method was developed for conveniently estimating organic-N
in soils using Udy dye, which is bound on the positive sites of
the soil organic matter complex. The quantity bound is associated
with the quantity of organic-N. These amounts can be determined
by initially adding an excess of dye and, after equilibrium,
colorimetrically measuring the amount remaining in solution. A
soil pretreatment wash with water and oxalic acid is used to remove
soil solution coloration, buffer the soil pH, and precipitate
soluble soil calcium. High amounts of soil free iron oxides or
carbonates interfered with the test,

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