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Predicting Nitrogen Fertilizer Needs for Sugarbeets from Residual Nitrate and Mineralizable Nitrogen

Carter, J.N. and Westermann, D.T. and Jensen, M.E. and Bosma, S.M. (1975) Predicting Nitrogen Fertilizer Needs for Sugarbeets from Residual Nitrate and Mineralizable Nitrogen. Journal of the American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists. 18(3):232-244.

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Nitrogen (N) fertilizer management for sugarbeet (Beta vulgaris L.)
production requires more precise information than for most crops.
Inadequate N limits plant growth and root yield, but excess N may
reduce both sucrose percentage and recoverable sucrose (7). Also,
excess N may stimulate more leaf growth than necessary. The rate and
timing of N fertilizer applications are not only important in supplying
crop N needs, but can influence the amount of N lost by leaching and
denitrification. Soil and plant tissue tests can provide essential data For
decision-making for efficient and economical use of N fertilizer.

Recent studies have shown that the NO₃-N level in the soil before
planting is closely related to sucrose production when N is limiting (8,
12). Inclusion of the N mineralization capacity of the soils would be
expected to improve the relationship. Stanford and Smith (14) showed
that the mineralization capacity varies with soil type and location.
Therefore, a soil test for N that would have general applicability should
include the mineralization capacity of the soil, and the interpretation of
these tests should include some knowledge of expected irrigation practices.
A soil test for NO₃-N may suffice as an index of N fertilizer needs
for a given soil and irrigation level.

Recently, Carter et al. (5) showed that sucrose production was
closely related to available soil N, as indicated by a soil test that included
both mineralizable N and NO₃-N. The objective of our study was to
evaluate the soil test-yield relationship, developed from experimental
data at one location in south central Idaho, for predicting N fertilizer
needs throughout southern Idaho under various irrigation management

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