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Soil Water Hysteresis: Temperature and Pressure Effects

Cary, J.W. (1975) Soil Water Hysteresis: Temperature and Pressure Effects. Soil Science. 120(4):308-311.

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The effects of transient temperatures and pressures on soil water hysteresis were
studied under controlled laboratory conditions. Variations in ambient pressure and
temperature caused small changes in soil water hysteresis. These changes suggest that
at least two mechanisms may be present, neither of which is easily rationalized by the
classical hourglass-shaped pore liquid jump model.

The variation between duplicate samples of a silty clay, a silt loam, and a loamy sand
suggested that normal temperature and pressure changes in the field will not cause
changes in soil water hysteresis that are larger than those due to natural soil
heterogeneity. Consequently, soil water hysteresis curves measured in the laboratory on
representative samples may be used in computer models of field situations.

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