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A Two-Channel Electrical Counter

Fisher, H.D. and Brown, M.J. (1974) A Two-Channel Electrical Counter. Journal of Economic Entomology. 67(5):689-690.

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Many studies require that the magnitude of 2 variables
be determined simultaneously. Usually this is done by an
operator using 2 hand-operated mechanical reciprocating
counters. The operator records one variable on one counter
and the second on the other. Our specific problem was to
determine pollinator densities in field plots. The operators
counted a fixed number of flowers and recorded the number
of pollinators on these flowers.

A number of problems arise from the use of these devices.
The reciprocating counters are hard to use, resulting
in manual fatigue, and are infamous for missing counts,
particularly when they become worn. The operator must
have both hands full all the time he is making the count.
If the operator must do something else with his hands,
he must store the counters where they will not become lost
or interchanged.

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