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An Automatic System for Sampling Processing Waste Water

Fisher, H.D. and Smith, J.H. (1975) An Automatic System for Sampling Processing Waste Water. Soil Science Society of America Proceedings. 39(2):382-384.

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The composition of waste water from food processing and
other plants varies with time. A composite sample composed of
smaller samples taken at different times will represent an average
condition of these flows. The sampling system described in
this paper will gather subsamples over a 24-hour or longer
period and keep the composite sample frozen until ready for
laboratory analysis. This system will work equally well on
pressurized pipelines or ponded water. The parts cost per controller
is approximately $80.00 plus the price of a freezer,
associated plumbing, and a pump if the water sample is not
in a pressurized pipeline.

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