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Emergence and Yield of Beans Planted with a Seed-Oriented Planter

Hayden, C.W. and Bowers, S.A. (1974) Emergence and Yield of Beans Planted with a Seed-Oriented Planter. Agronomy Journal. 66(1):50-52.

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Recent observations from an unrelated bean (Phaseolus
vulgaris L.) field experiment indicated a possible relationship
between emergence and seed orientation. To
test the benefits of a "lay flat" orientation, a furrow opener
was developed that horizontally orients bean seeds at
uniform soil depths. Beans planted through this furrow
opener emerged through the soil crust sooner and in significantly
greater numbers than did those planted with
a standard two-disk furrow opener. Oriented and unoriented
plantings of dry and snap beans did not differ
in final total emergence. Nevertheless, early snap
bean yields were greater from the seed-oriented plots. Increased
yield was due to earlier emergence, and uniform
depth of planting. On uncrusted soil, seed orientation
did not significantly increase dry bean yield.

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