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A Photoelectric Seed Counter

Fisher, H.D. and Brown, M.J. (1973) A Photoelectric Seed Counter. Agronomy Journal. 65(4):682-684.

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Small scale yield studies, germination tests, controlled
plantings, and packaging often require the counting of
large numbers of seeds. The system described in this
paper uses a photosensitive detector and a vacuum pickup
to count individual seeds and gives a direct digital readout.
The count rate is limited only by how quickly the
seeds can be fed through the counting tube without clogging
it or having them touch each other. This greatly
speeds seed counting, eliminates operator error, and reduces
operator fatigue.

With the addition of a relatively simple predetermining
circuit, a fixed number of seeds may be counted
and a control function can be exercised. This capability
is immediately applicable to packaging or repetitious
batching of seeds. Zero error for any given number of
seeds is attainable if the seeds are fed through the count
tube carefully because of the completely digital nature
of the circuit.

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