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Selenium Concentrations in Phosphorus Fertilizer Materials and Associated Uptake by Plants

Robbins, C.W. and Carter, D.L. (1970) Selenium Concentrations in Phosphorus Fertilizer Materials and Associated Uptake by Plants. Soil Science Society of America Proceedings. 34(3):506-509.

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The Se concentration of seven Florida Land Pebble deposit
phosphate rocks ranged from 0.7-7.0 ppm. The range was
1.4-1.78 ppm Se in seven samples from the western phosphate
field. The Meade Peak phosphatic shale member of the Phosphoria
formation contains more Se than rock from other
phosphatic formations. Normal and concentrated superphosphates
made from phosphatic rocks containing 100 ppm Se can
be expected to contain about 60 and 40 ppm Se, respectively.
Laboratory-prepared concentrated superphosphate containing
23 ppm Se applied to an alkaline soil that normally produced
alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) low in Se at a rate of 156 ppm P
increased Se concentration in alfalfa above the minimal requirements
to protect livestock from white muscle disease. Concentrated
superphosphate and single superphosphate prepared
from phosphate rock containing 178 ppm Se and applied at a
rate of 80 ppm P increased the Se concentration in alfalfa compared
to the same amount of P applied as Se free concentrated
superphosphate. Normal phosphate fertilizer practices can provide
required Se for livestock provided the fertilizer is prepared
from phosphate rock containing sufficient Se.

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