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Bromide concentrations in agronomic crops following methyl bromide fumigation in southeastern Idaho

Rogers, C.W. (2023) Bromide concentrations in agronomic crops following methyl bromide fumigation in southeastern Idaho. Journal of Environmental Quality. 53(1):47-56. 22 November 2023.

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Methyl bromide (MeBr) is a fumigant used to sterilize fields to control quarantine pests that are restricted due to its detrimental atmospheric effects. Bromide (Br-) is generally found in small amounts. Degradation of injected MeBr produces crop available Br-. Up to four applications of MeBr were used southeastern Idaho fields to combat the pale cyst nematode. Information regarding uptake and partitioning of Br- following MeBr application in agronomic crops in the region was unavailable. Research determined background concentrations of Br- in alfalfa (Medicago sativa, L.), barley (Hordeum vulgare, L.), corn (Zea mays, L.), potato (Solanum tuberosum, L.), and wheat (Triticum aestivum, L.) compared to MeBr-treated fields. Br- concentrations were log transformed. Study background Br- concentrations ranged from nondetectable (ND) to 33 mg Br- kg-1; vegetative tissue concentrations were greater than reproductive. Nearly all crops grown in MeBr-treated fields had greater Br- concentrations than background. Background alfalfa Br- concentration was 33 mg kg-1 in baled tissue compared to 118 mg Br- kg-1 from a MeBr-treated field. Br- concentration in green alfalfa decreased from 80 to 36 mg Br- kg-1 at the final cutting in a MeBr-treated field, where time after application has been shown to decrease crop Br- concentrations. Small grains had low Br- concentrations in reproductive tissue compared to vegetative, and corn stover (13 mg Br- kg-1) was low relative to small-grain straw (107 mg Br- kg-1) in the MeBr-treated field. Crop selection following MeBr applications should consider the likelihood of elevated Br- concentration for the plant fractions intended end-use.

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