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Application rates from center pivot irrigation with current sprinkler types

Kincaid, D.C. (2005) Application rates from center pivot irrigation with current sprinkler types. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 21(4):605-610.

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Center pivot sprinkler irrigation is increasing in popularity in the United States due to the low labor requirement
and ability to irrigate large fields. The main problem associated with pivots continues to be the inherently high application
rates and tendency for runoff and erosion on medium- and fine-textured soils and rolling topography. Recently developed
sprinklers or spray heads can produce high application uniformity with controlled drop sizes and medium sized pattern widths
at medium to low pressures. A method is presented to predict the average and peak application rates at any point along a center
pivot lateral for a particular type of sprinkler. The method can be incorporated with infiltration and center pivot design models
to predict when runoff might occur. A computer program is available to aid in the design process and compare alternative

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