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Nitrogen management in northwest U.S. sugarbeet production

Tarkalson, D.D. and Bjorneberg, D.L. (2023) Nitrogen management in northwest U.S. sugarbeet production. Journal of Sugar Beet Research. 60(1):1-15. 24 February 2023.

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Nitrogen (N) management is important in sugar beet production. This study was conducted to continue to fine-tune N management in the Northwest U.S. sugarbeet growing area. In 2018 and 2019, field studies were conducted at 6 locations by agronomists from The Amalgamated Sugar Company and scientists at the USDA-ARS Northwest Irrigation and Soils Research Laboratory in Kimberly, Idaho. The purpose was to evaluate the effect of N supply (fertilizer N + soil available N) on sugarbeet production. Five of the studies had a significant relationship between N supply and sucrose or root yield. The N supply required to maximize sucrose yields in the 5 responsive sites ranged from 145 to 258 kg N per ha. Data from our study supports past research showing that a Static Range N Management (SRNM) approach is valid as an alternative to a Yield Goal N Management approach which often leads to an over-supply of N. The average N supply required to maximize yields in our study was only 1 kg N per ha greater than that identified in our 2005-2011 study conducted in the same area (203 kg N per ha vs 202 kg N per ha). However, although optimal N supply was similar, the average maximum yield in this study was 22.2 percent greater than in the 2005 to 2011 studies. We suggest that sugarbeet growers determine N supply from a representative 0 to 0.9 m soil samples and employ a SRNM approach to N management. Continued research over time may be required to further fine tune the SRNM N range.

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