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Effects of Salts on Oxygen Diffusion Rate Measurements in Unsaturated Soils

Rickman, Ron W. (1968) Effects of Salts on Oxygen Diffusion Rate Measurements in Unsaturated Soils. Soil Science Society of America Proceedings. 32(5):618-622.

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Current-voltage curves determined with tips of platinum
electrodes touching a solution surface were used to evaluate the
effect of solution electrical conductivity and specific ions on
measurements of oxygen diffusion rates in unsaturated soil.
Current was found to be dependent upon electrical conductivity
in pure monovalent cation solutions. In divalent cation
solutions, or mixed monovalent-divalent cation solutions, current
was only slightly affected by electrical conductivity of the
solution. The presence of divalent cations caused a lower
measured current with identical solution-electrode geometry
and measured electrode potential than when only monovalent
ions were in solution. Based upon the assumption that these
determinations reflect at least the magnitude of such phenomena
that occur in soils, conditions are described under
which the platinum electrode should operate most satisfactorily
or have a minimum interference from salt.

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