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Dairy-CropSyst: Gaseous emissions and nutrient fate modeling tool

Khalil, Tariq and Stockle, Claudio and Carlson, Bryan and Uslar-Valle, Nicole and Nelson, Roger and Frear, Craig and Ma, Jingwei and Higgins, Stewart and Leytem, A.B. and Dungan, R.S. (2019) Dairy-CropSyst: Gaseous emissions and nutrient fate modeling tool. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture. 162:962-978. 28 May 2019. Available:

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Dairy confined animal feeding operations (CAFO) are required to implement nutrient management plans for minimizing the risk of water resource degradation and report gaseous emissions when exceeding certain threshold values. Although tools exist to aid in completing such tasks, few integrate the impact of on-farm manure treatment unit operations such as anaerobic digestion, solids separation, and nutrient recovery. Furthermore, existing tools do not estimate the nutrient value of recovered products and effluent leaving the dairy system or the nutrient fate after effluent is applied to crop fields. Dairy-CropSyst is a decision support tool for researchers and CAFO managers aimed at evaluating the effects of different manure treatment unit operations on gaseous emission and nutrient fate in dairy systems. The model tracks nutrients through the dairy system, including inorganic and organic forms of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus. This is accomplished by integrating established transformation and emission equations, performance parameters of manure treatments from industrial data and literature, and using a cropping system model for the land application evaluation. Predicted and observed emission values for greenhouse gases (GHG) and ammonia from different dairy unit operations were found in good agreement. The use of Dairy-CropSyst has the potential to assist the dairy industry in decision making on manure management treatment strategies and as a tool for reporting GHG and ammonia emissions.

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