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Winter wheat yield, quality, and nitrogen removal following compost- or manure-fertilized sugarbeet

Lehrsch, G.A. and Brown, B. and Lentz, R.D. and Johnson-Maynard, J.L. and Leytem, A.B. (2017) Winter wheat yield, quality, and nitrogen removal following compost- or manure-fertilized sugarbeet. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis. 48(1):124-138. 13 February 2017.

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To efficiently use N while protecting water quality, one must know how a second-year crop, without further N fertilization, responds in years following a manure application. In an Idaho field study of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) following sugarbeet (Beta vulgaris L.), we determined the residual (second-year) effects of fall-applied solid dairy manure, either stockpiled or composted, on wheat yield, biomass, biomass N, protein, grain N removal, and agronomic N use efficiency (NUE). Along with a no-N control and urea (82 or 202 kg N/ha), first-year treatments at Site 1 included compost (218 and 435 kg estimated available N/ha) and manure (140 and 280 kg available N/ha) and at Site 2 compost (81 and 183 kg available N/ha) and manure (173 and 340 kg available N/ha). After application, compost and manure were incorporated into two silt loam-textured soils, a Greenleaf (Xeric Calciargid) at Parma in fall 2002 and 2003 and a Portneuf (Durinodic Xeric Haplocalcid) at Kimberly in fall 2002. Second-year wheat yield was greater, relative to the control, where organic N sources but not urea were applied at optimum rates for sugarbeet in two of three site-years, revealing a long-term benefit of compost and manure in reducing future N fertilizer costs. Where N-fertilized, grain yield was similar among urea and organic N sources that applied optimal amounts of plant-available N to the preceding year’s sugarbeet. Where optimal urea but greater organic N rates were applied, grain yield was always greater from manure than urea.

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