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Changes in bicarbonate-extractable inorganic and organic phosphorus by drying pasture soils

Cambios en Fósforo Inorgánico y Orgánico Extraíble de Bicarbonato por Suelos de Pasturas en Proceso de Secado

Turner, Benjamin L. and Haygarth, Philip M. (2003) Changes in bicarbonate-extractable inorganic and organic phosphorus by drying pasture soils. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 67:344-350.

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Soils are commonly dried in the laboratory prior to the determination
of P fractions, but this can profoundly influence the results.
We investigated the impact of soil drying on bicarbonate-extractable
inorganic and organic P in 29 permanent lowland pasture soils from
England and Wales (total C 29-80 g C kg -1 soil, day 219-681 g kg-1
soil, pH 4.4-6.8) by extracting soils at approximate field moisture
capacity and after air-drying at 30°C for 7 d. Air-drying increased the
mean bicarbonate-extractable inorganic P from 14.8 to 22.5 mg P
kg-1 soil, and the mean bicarbonate-extractable organic P from 17.4
to 25.7 mg P kg-' soil. Proportional increases for individual soils
following drying were between 11 and 165% for inorganic P, and
between -2 and 137% for organic P, being greatest in soils with low
P concentrations. The results are unlikely to influence tests for plant-available
P, because these are derived from analyses of air-dried
samples, but have important implications for attempts to relate bicarbonate-extractable
P fractions to processes operating under field conditions.

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